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School House Chefs: SH take over KH for an evening

Wednesday 29 June 2011

School House take over the kitchens in KH

A recent enlightened idea from the Kingsland Hall team has been to invite boys from various Houses to come up with a menu and help cook it.  The School House themed supper was ‘The Seaside’.  I have to confess that this was partly inspired by Brighton’s successful promotion to the Championship, but also the weather has been good recently and somehow I could just picture the mighty Seagulls in their open topped bus tour of Brighton, waving to their adoring fans many of whom were probably eating fish and chips, candy floss, rock and the usual seaside nibbles. 

Sue Laister passed our menu ideas and, if we are honest, she and her team enhanced the menu by offering us a starter of mussel soup.  This was followed by fish goujons with small chips in a cardboard cone, served with mushy peas topped with curry sauce or gravy depending on one’s disposition!  For afters, there was a tub of candy floss, popcorn and rock. For those seeking a healthier option there were little tubs of whelks, mussels and crabsticks, yoghurt and doughnuts (they are healthy honest!). 

I am not sure what the nutritional police would have said about our offering but it was one of the most satisfying and entertaining evenings I have spent in Kingsland Hall.  The atmosphere from the word ‘go’ was fabulous and I would like to thank all the chefs in Kingsland Hall for allowing  the School House ‘helpers’ to get under their feet. Graham and Helen were particularly patient as some of our inexperienced team felt the need to taste everything all the time, especially the doughnuts!  Amanda Francis had decorated the serving areas with seaside paraphernalia including two large cardboard cut outs which caused some amusement.  Mr. Tonks was transformed into a large-breasted lady and I have to say the bathing suit did seem to bring out the colour in his cheeks! I particularly enjoyed the fact I was dressed up as a chef and was able to prance around the hall dishing out popcorn trying not to look too much like the Childcatcher.  There were a lot of very positive comments from the pupil population and I certainly think that candy floss in tubs is one of the most popular products ever served in Kingsland Hall and I would heartily recommend it for your next dinner party!  

The feeling from the School House camp was ‘job well done and cooking can be fun’, although it was a good experience for the boys involved to feel the ‘heat’ from the serveries and to realise what a good job the KH team do.


School House take over the kitchens in KH

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