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RSSBC: The annual sculling competitions: Victoria, Sabrina, Williams and Girls

Tuesday 11 October 2011

The RSSBC Sculling competitions took place on Saturday 8th October 2011; the river conditions were favourable, and for the first time in a week the wind was manageable.

There was a lot of pressure on our newly-recruited Cassidy Scholar, Harry Lonergan, to see if he cut the mustard and could lead the pack home in the Victoria Sculls.  In the end, Harry did manage to win, but only by a 2 second margin after a really good scull by Sam Lapage.

Toby Thomas on the way to victory, Williams ScullsWinner of Sabrina (J16) Sculls was Charlie Lane-Fox with a big win over the other J16 competitors.

Williams Sculls was won by Toby Thomas, a  tough competitor, coming an excellent 8th place overall.

Girls' Sculls was won by Eliza Hodgson from Bridget Lapage, both beating many boy Scullers!

Credit to Patrick George as the only 3rd form Sculler who was not last by some distance!

As in previous years, the J14’s did some racing in house Quads; honours go to Oldhams for their win.

Congratulations to Riggs for winning the trophy as best Sculling house!

All in all a really successful event, commiserations to Judah Rand who only took two strokes before a conflict with a stationary launch caused a dip in the drink!

P Manser

Sculls winners 2011

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