Shrewsbury School

Senior Debating Final

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Congratulations to School House, who triumphed in this year's Senior House Debating competition.

Koby Ferdinand-Okpala, Piers Merison and Ebrahim Jamshid performed strongly throughout the group stages and built momentum towards last week's final, when they competed against Severn Hill in front of a packed audience in the Maidment Auditorium.

The motion contested was 'This House Would Abolish Private Education', and School House shone through with their eloquent, composed proposition arguments.

The Severn Hill team of Tommy Price, Chad Usher and Tom Plaut fought back with enthused and well-constructed arguments and a hearty dose of persuasive rhetoric.

The summaries were then delivered, with Ebrahim Jamshid particularly in fine form, and the Head Master and judging panel went away to consult their array of notes before deciding in favour of School House.

Many congratulations to the victorious team - and to all those who took part in the competition last term. Special thanks to Mr Harrison for organising the event so diligently and to the range of staff judges, without whom the competition simply could not go ahead. 

Harry Mackridge

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