Shrewsbury School

Severn Hill’s 75th Anniversary

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Happy Birthday to Severn Hill!

On Sunday 19th May, four former Housemasters of Severn Hill (Paul Vicars, Stephen Holroyd, David Gee and, most remarkably, Alan Laurie in his 99th year) joined the current Housemaster, Dan Nicholas, and a gathering of 140 in celebrating the 75th year of the formation of Severn Hill from its antecedent Houses.

We were also delighted to welcome Liz Raven, widow of Richard Raven (Housemaster 1968-81), and Catherine Trimby, daughter of Patrick Childs (Housemaster 1946-60).

A welcome from Dan Nicholas preceded an informal lunch on the Severn Hill lawn and a cutting of the celebratory cake, appropriately iced in maroon and French Grey, after which a number of past members relived memories in tours of the House and booked their places for the 100th anniversary!

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