Shrewsbury School

A short Week in the Life of Charlie Adams (S V)

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Monday 21st January
After an energetic weekend in the snow, Monday morning hit me with a jolt. Heaving myself out of bed at an ungodly hour and making the cold trudge to breakfast seemed even more impossible than usual. Nevertheless, a cooked breakfast later, I got ready for lessons. The morning passed without incident, apart from the occasional volleys of snowballs between classes. Lessons involved reviewing our marks for our GCSE mocks which we completed straight after the Christmas holidays – a harsh shock to the system at the time! After lunch, societies hour brought some much needed time for relaxation watching the first round of the junior house debating. Due to the amount of snow, sport for the afternoon was disrupted, leaving us, instead of rugby training, to complete a few laps of bottom common. Hopefully all this fitness work will pay off when the snow finally begins to thaw!

Tuesday 22nd January
Today was an average day. We had tutor period before lessons with Mrs Hankin and caught up on what had happened to us all over Christmas and during our mocks. Lessons all morning passed by without disruption. After lunch, all of the 5, L6 and U6 rugby players took part in a touch rugby tournament in the snow. It was good fun despite the cold. It was then back to lessons, tea and then topschools for the rest of the night.

Wednesday 23rd January
We had chapel with the 4th form in the morning in which Mr Middleton showed us the inspirational and poignant artwork of his young daughter.  After a heavy morning of lessons, we were greeted in KH by a tasty but cold lunch – a lovely surprise! The still thick snow meant that all of the afternoon’s rugby matches were cancelled, and frustratingly more fitness for us indoors. The snow was starting to get annoying. This time we did circuits in the cricket centre and then later on in the afternoon I had cricket training.

Thursday 24th January
Thursday morning was a welcome sight, being a morning when the 5th form has no commitments before lessons start, giving you a very brief but welcome lie in. We had 5 lessons, lunch and then activities for the afternoon. My activity this year is cricket. It goes on for 2 hours, starting at 2. This Thursday was slightly different, being the night for the scholars’ dinner. Nick Ostler, a renowned linguist with “a working knowledge of 26 languages”, presented an interesting talk on the future of the English Language and its predicted decline in importance. We then had a good meal in KH laid on especially for us.

Friday 25th January
It was another normal day. There were five lessons and then lunch. The 1st XI’s ISFA semi final match had to be postponed so that meant that sport carried on as usual. All the pitches were still unplayable so we went to the gym for rugby.

Saturday 26th January
Today was the A level options fair which meant that the 5th form, plus all next September’s new 6th form entrants, attended a morning dedicated to deciding which A levels to study. We had to attend 4 subject presentations. I chose Economics, Latin, Biology and Physics. The talks were informative and interesting in most cases and went a long way to helping me finalise my choices. Then at last, after this had all finished, it was home time, for a weekend of well earned idleness and relaxation.

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