Shrewsbury School

Shrewsbury's Head of Science is interviewed by the BBC

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Steve Adams

Head of Science Steve Adams was interviewed this morning on BBC Radio Shropshire about risk-taking in science lessons. This was in response to a news story about a teacher at a school in Wolverhampton who has been sacked after a pupil was hit by an air pellet in an experiment in his physics lesson. The pupil was only grazed in the leg and is leading a campaign to get the teacher reinstated as he says he is inspirational.

Steve also spoke about the School's involvement in the International Young Physicists' Tournament.

The first part of the Radio Shropshire interview included a discussion with Professor Andrea Stella, who is Professor of Chemistry at University College London: Radio Shropshire science interview part 1

The second part of the interview is with Steve Adams: Radio Shropshire science interview part 2

Later in the morning, Steve was also interviewed by BBC Midlands Today.

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