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Shrewsbury International primary schools in Hong Kong and Bangkok welcome their first pupils

Friday 31 August 2018

There were scenes of great excitement at both Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong and Shrewsbury Bangkok City Campus as they opened their doors for the first time and welcomed their first pupils.   

Founding Principal of Shrewsbury Hong Kong, Ben Keeling, was delighted with the enthusiasm among both children and their parents at the Orientation Morning held just before the start of term to introduce the children to the school, their new teachers and to each other.

“We have worked hard to develop meaningful and trusting relationships with our parents - today proved to be a wonderful validation of this focus. Our parents will be active partners in the work of the school and we are lucky to have such an engaged group. I would like to extend the thanks of the team for the support they have demonstrated. It is clear that we are all proud to be members of the school community.”

One parent said afterwards, “The whole experience this morning has been very good. We all love the facilities and the greenery view in particular. The Shrewsbury team have delivered on every front. We were excited to meet our new teachers and were glad to hear that they have settled into life here so quickly. The team are boundlessly enthusiastic about our children and we know that they are in excellent hands.”

Term began officially on 29th August.


Two days later in Bangkok, British Ambassador H.E. Mr Brian Davidson, Sir David Lees, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, and Mr Tim Haynes, Chairman of the Governing Body of Shrewsbury School UK, inaugurated Shrewsbury International School Bangkok City Campus.

Purpose-built for primary school children aged 3 to 11 years, the city-centre campus complements Shrewsbury International School’s highly successful Riverside Campus, opened in 2003, and aims to accommodate the large waiting list of children who seek a place at the Riverside Campus.

Amanda Dennison, Principal of Shrewsbury International School Bangkok - City Campus, said, "We open with a very strong enrolment of 168 students, exceeding our expectations and compelling us to add an extra class of between 10-15 students to each our first three year groups.  I thank parents for the trust that they have shown in Shrewsbury's City Campus and in our teaching staff."

Ms. Dennison, who was previously the Head of Shrewsbury’s Junior School at its Riverside Campus, said that Shrewsbury’s 15-year track record of excellence and the uniformity of standards between the two campuses were key factors encouraging parents to place their children at the City Campus.

“Parents favoured the school because it has been designed exclusively for the needs of primary school students.  Additionally, parents have told us that they value the fact that all of our teachers are qualified teachers from Britain and that many are teachers who have come from Shrewsbury’s Riverside Campus.”

Children completing their primary school education at City Campus are guaranteed a place at the secondary school in Shrewsbury Bangkok’s Riverside Campus.

H.E. Mr Brian Davidson, British Ambassador, said, “The British education system is globally recognised for providing children a well-rounded education that prepares them for leadership.  Just as importantly, our education system places a lot of emphasis on helping children develop, at an early age, the best human values so that they may become responsible members of society as well as lead fulfilling lives.

“Shrewsbury School in Britain is one of our country’s great schools.  Its sister school, here in Bangkok, with its extraordinary accomplishments, is highly regarded as a superb ambassador for the British education system.  It offers local and foreign children in Thailand easy access to a fine and genuine British education and one that promotes collaboration, discussion, and sharing of opinions in the learning process.”

For more details about both schools, please see their websites:

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