Shrewsbury School

Shrewsbury Open Tiddlywinks Tournament

Thursday 1 December 2011

Once again, Shrewsbury hosted the annual national Open Tiddlywinks tournament last Saturday, in Kingsland Hall.  Maths master Charlie Oakley's enthusiasm for the game encouraged three other Salopians to enter the tournament this year: James Humpish (SH LVI), Ed Thomason (R 2006-2011), and one of our Gappers, Dan Still.

After seven rounds, our participants' results were as follows:

Rank Rating
CWO 25 points 21 1913
Dan Still 14 points 47 1585
James Humpish 8 points 56 1491
Ed Thomason 5 points 78 1385

Dan Still is now the highest rated South African Tiddlywinker!

Further information and the rules of the game are available on The English Tiddlywinks Association's website:

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