Shrewsbury School

Shrewsbury reach the Finals in the Grafton Morrish

Tuesday 31 July 2018

Well done, Shrewsbury!

In the Regional Qualifying round for the Grafton Morrish at Olton G C near Solihull on Saturday 12th May, Shrewsbury qualified for the Finals, which will be held at Brancaster/Hunstanton from Friday 5th October.

Jon Howse (R 1998-03) and James Mainwaring (R 2005-10) amassed 32 points, most creditably.

Laurie Briggs (G 1996-01) (off 3 at The Royal Liverpool Club) and Andy Pollock (I 1971-74) (Captain) scored 27 points.  

Will Painter (R 1967-71) and James Taylor (R 2003-08) (on his debut in foursomes play) notched 25 points.

This meant that Shrewsbury were the third to qualify with 84 points, with Warwick on 87 points and home favourites Solihull on 91 points.

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