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Shrewsbury School CCF Biennial Report successes

Thursday 26 July 2012

Every two years all CCF’s are inspected by a senior officer appointed by one of the three services. Over previous years Shrewsbury School CCF has earned some glowing reports from these Inspecting Officers. Biennial Inspections allow the CCF to show off its talent and give the Inspecting VIP a flavour of what the CCF is mandated to do.  The CCF charter states that ‘its broad function is to provide a disciplined organisation so that cadets may develop leadership, self reliance, resourcefulness and a sense of service to the community. It is firmly believed that the self discipline required in service life is equally important in the civil life of the nation today.’

Comments from some recent reports include:

‘Shrewsbury School CCF is an excellent Contingent that thrives on producing the very has once again surpassed itself as being one of the best CCF’s in the Brigade’   (Captain S Huyton SO3 G7 Cadets HQ 143 WM Brigade. 2012 Biennial Report)

Shrewsbury CCF is in rude health. Well run by the staff, well attended and enjoyed by the cadets and very well supported by the Headmaster and the wider school. Lt Colonel Nick David’s over-riding theme of the cadet experience is that it should be fun and this permeates throughout’  (Lieutenant Colonel Robin Forster RM.  2012 Biennial Report)

‘The review allowed me to witness an extremely well run, well supported, well resourced,  enthusiastic and efficient CCF that is providing exactly the leadership and development opportunities for which it is mandated. The enthusiasm and professionalism of the cadets was a reflection on the excellence of the staff. I have conducted a number of cadet visits and this CCF is one of the most impressive I have seen.’ (Lieutenant Colonel Guy Chambers, JRLO, HQ 143 WM Brigade. 2010 Biennial Report)

Please also see the full report on the 2012 Inspection and Field Day.

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