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Shrewsbury Tree Walk – an arborial amble around the School Site

Friday 18 October 2019

We have over 800 trees at Shrewsbury - roughly one for every pupil. But how many of us really look at them properly? The Natural History Society have created a wonderful Tree Walk to help us all look up and marvel.

The Walk plots a route around the Site that takes in some of the trees that the members of the Society have selected as being most interesting and notable.

Through careful research, both botanical and historical, they have produced a guide to the Walk and a map, with notes about each of the trees and particular features to look out for. 

Behind the scenes of this project, Euan Parr (Rb L6) has taken the lead in building a database of all the trees on the Walk and generating QR codes for each one. The Natural History Society has exciting future plans, including making the trail interactive and populated with poetry, art, music and science linked to each tree. 

In the meantime, they look forward to people exploring the School Site with new eyes and awareness. "Mature trees provide an enormous number of habitats for a wide range of organisms and they shape our School Site," they say in their introduction to the Guide. "We hope our walk will encourage more who pass by to look up and to know them."    

The guide can be downloaded via this link: Shrewsbury Tree Walk - a guide

And the map can be downloaded here: Shrewsbury Tree Walk - map

All suggestions, corrections or additions about the trees on the trail can be emailed to Mrs Matthews at

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