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Shrewsbury U and Young Leaders Award Update

Friday 22 May 2020

As the wheels of Shrewsbury U and the ILM started turning for the first time a fortnight ago, it has been incredibly gratifying to see the benefits in action as the Upper Sixth develop the skills that will benefit them at university. 

Alongside a bespoke transition to university course delivered by the University of Southampton, which focuses on the academic skills required in higher education, the pupils are in the midst of a second course module that will offer them valuable practice in a university-style setting.

In a still evolving programme, we are excited that those studying the Sustaining the World course will have the chance to hold a seminar and Q&A with Prof Jeffrey Sachs, whose lectures are at its core.  Prof Sachs is, as Professor of Economic Development at Columbia University and the Special Adviser to the UN on the Sustainable Development Goals, one of, if not the world’s leading expert in sustainable development, so it will provide an excellent opportunity for the Salopians to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

The staff running the 21 modules have commented on how impressed they have been by the depth and quality of the work produced by their students, much of which would be at undergraduate level standard.  The levels of research, wider reading and thought shown by the Upper Sixth have been particularly laudable, which should set them up well for the next stage of their education.

I am most grateful too to the twelve Old Salopians at university who have already shared their experiences of their courses and institutions.  With courses covering Economics to History, Design to Engineering and a wide range of institutions, their top tips on accommodation, modules and university life should prove very handy for those following in their footsteps.  With another twenty or so discussions to go, it has been very useful for me too to hear directly from those currently studying, so that I can advise the next generation with the most up to date information.

Though probably not likely to be a blockbuster hit, the final strand of the Shrewsbury U programme has been a weekly skills session, which thus far has covered the key and important ideas of budgeting, student finance and tax!

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