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Shrewsbury win Model United Nations Outstanding Delegation Award

Thursday 15 November 2018

Salopian MUN delegates enjoyed a very successful conference at Malvern St James last weekend, with the Equatorial Guinea delegation picking up the top prize against stiff opposition, in addition to many individual awards.

Sophia Bureau (G L6), who has joined Shrewsbury MUN this term, describes her experience of taking part in the Conference:

Last weekend Shrewsbury School took three delegations of pupils to the MUN conference at Malvern St James. I was in the delegation of Equatorial Guinea, the same country that I had previously represented at the Royal Russell Conference in half-term.

We began the day in the committees discussing the different issues that had been given to us beforehand. In my committee one of the issues was government censorship, a particularly sensitive topic for my country considering that everything there is state-censored. I was expecting to get no support in my committee when I expressed these views, which is what would have happened at Royall Russell. However, I managed to ally with Russia, China and North Korea and together we passed a resolution, which asked for all member states of the UN to enforce government censorship. I must admit we were very surprised when even the UK voted to pass it.

This is why I enjoy going to these conferences. It can be very serious but very entertaining at the same time and you never know what to expect. When I joined MUN I definitely didn’t expect to become so knowledgeable on the policies of Equatorial Guinea. However, it has also widened my understanding of current affairs and I have met a lot of interesting people along the way. It has helped me to have the confidence to stand up in front of a room and make a speech about global issues.

Sophia won a Highly Commended Delegate award in her committee.

Rhys Woodward (SH L6) and Johnny Snell (Ch L6) won Outstanding Delegate awards in their respective committees, and came back with gavels.

Alex Sparkes (I L6) won a Highly Commended Delegate award in Security Council (the most competitive committee).

Sam Evans (R 5) won a Highly Commended Delegate awards in his committee

Tom Allen (Ch 5) and Andrew Higgins (Ch 5) won Best Young Delegate awards in their respective committees.

Chad Usher (S L6) also got valuable experience chairing the Economic Committee.

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