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Shrewsbury wins Highly Distinguished Delegation Award at Royal Russell International MUN Conference

Wednesday 6 November 2019

The Royal Russell is one of the largest and most prestigious MUN conferences in the UK, attracting delegates from all over the world. Ella Biggs (M 5) gives a fascinating insight into what it's like taking part.

During the first day of the October half-term holiday, a small group of Shrewsbury School students travelled to Croydon, South London, to attend the Royal Russell School International Model United Nations Conference for four tough days of debating with students from all around the globe.

This conference was an opportunity for members of the MUN team to gain experience and to make connections with people from all over the world that can last a lifetime. Having met many great people at the conference myself, who I have stayed in contact with over the holiday, it is safe to say that this conference has been a tremendous networking experience and the perfect way to make long-lasting links with new friends from every corner of the world.

After an early start on Saturday morning and a long journey from Shrewsbury to Croydon, everyone got stuck in to the mix by lobbying their resolutions, talking with the other delegates in their committee and forming alliances with the delegates who would most benefit their agendas. Unlike at MUN conferences I have attended before, at Royal Russell delegates are encouraged to merge resolutions with others to give them the best chance of passing through the approval panel. I thought that this was a great way of encouraging delegates to work together and to allow more experienced delegates to help those who have less experience. And for me especially it allowed me to strengthen my resolution and add some much-needed clauses that helped to improve upon and clarify many of the points I had made.

Once lobbying was over, each delegate in turn stood and made a one-minute policy statement to the room. Listening to everyone’s policy statements was a really good way of seeing which delegates were prepared and which delegates had a similar political standing and policies to your own delegation. In my committee in particular, there were many first-time delegates, so it was really interesting to see how many of them had really well-prepared speeches. It gave me a real insight into aspects of topics that I hadn’t thought to research before.

General Assembly at RRIMUN was a really immersive experience that effectively mimicked how General Assembly would be at an actual United Nations conference. It was one of the most well-coordinated events I had seen at any conference, as it really showed both the potential of many of the younger delegates in the room as well as the prowess of the more weathered delegates. I found that by listening to how many of the more experienced delegates during GA phrased and communicated their points and their overall speaking style really helped me improve my own performance as a delegate. Seeing so many eager and enthusiastic debaters really encouraged me to get more involved with the debate by contributing as much as possible.

Each evening there was a social, which was a great way to relax and get to know other delegates from your committee after a long day of debating. The experience was improved by the music from the incredible DJ and the spirited students from Royal Russell School who kept the dance floor alive throughout the evening. It was a great way to consolidate friendships with other delegates in a more relaxed environment and really ended the day on a good note.

Throughout the conference, Shrewsbury School’s MUN team did a brilliant job in both their committees and in General Assembly. And this did not go unnoticed by Chairs at Royal Russel School, with Alex Sparks claiming the seat of power in the Security Council by day two of the conference and receiving a Distinguished Delegate Award for his efforts at the end of the conference.

As well Ella Chamberlain, Sophia Bureau and Thomas Jackson all received Distinguished Delegate Awards in their committees. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the team as a whole during General Assembly led to our delegation receiving a Highly Commended Delegation Award at the end of the conference which overall was a positive end to a conference.

Tiring yet rewarding, Royal Russell School International Model United Nations conference was an MUN experience like no other, and it would not have been possible without Mr Peach and Miss Pritchard.

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