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Shrewsbury wins UK Young Physicists' Tournament

Friday 17 January 2014

Shrewsbury has won the UK Young Physicists’ Tournament and will represent the UK in the International competition this summer. This is the seventh time in the last ten years they have achieved this distinction.

L to r: Arthur Kung, Ian Yeung, Dominic Dootson, Ilya Lapan, Horace Tang and Head of Science Steve Adams

The final took place at Shrewsbury School on Thursday 16th January. Shrewsbury’s team of Arthur Kung, Dominic Dootson, Ian Yeung, Ilya Lapan and Horace Tang faced strong opposition in the form of John Leggott College, Scunthorpe and Tytherington High School, Macclesfield. With scores level for first and second place at the half way point, it was obvious that Shrewsbury would have to do something special if they were to pull away from the competition. We needn’t have worried as Arthur Kung gave by far the most impressive presentation of the day and took Shrewsbury past the winning post in style.

The final scores (out of 80) were Shrewsbury 61.0, John Leggott College 53.5 and Tytherington High School 53.0 This means that the UK team for the IYPT in July will consist of three team members from Shrewsbury and two team members from JLC.

The IYPT is now in its 27th year and has previously taken place in Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and China as well European countries including Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland. Commonly known as the ‘Physics World Cup’, the IYPT is one of the most prestigious competitions for school science anywhere in the world. This year it takes place in the UK for the first time. The venue will be Shrewsbury School – and we look forward to welcoming teams from around 30 countries from all five continents, along with their teachers and judging panels of professional physicists from around the world. We are also delighted that amongst the VIP guests at the opening ceremony will be Sir Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, Old Salopian and one of the country’s most distinguished scientists.

The student-led filming group Shrewsbury School TV have filmed a short interview with Arthur Kung talking to Head of Science about the IYPT. Please click on the image below to view:

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