Shrewsbury School

Shrove Tuesday: Pancakes at KH

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Tuesday was a day when the majority of the pupils at Shrewsbury School voted with their feet!  Many bypassed the opportunity of pizza as a main course in the servery, opting instead for pancake desserts (as a main course) that were being served by the chefs in the main dining room, Kingsland Hall!

We served over 2,000 savoury pancakes in just 35 minutes and offered a range of toppings such as strawberry jam, hot chocolate sauce, lemon and citrus juice, fresh raspberries, chef's very own 'Shrewsbury cream' and sugar.

Some of the pupils came back for third helpings, such was the quality available (and their appetite)!!

James Bradford
Holroyd Howe

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