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Singing Prizes 2019

Friday 25 January 2019

Thanks and congratulations to all 45 pupils who took part in the Singing Competition on Sunday 25th January all for an extremely enjoyable, entertaining and impressive afternoon of music.

"Every one of the singers in the competition was at the top of their game and performed beautifully," said Head of Vocal Studies Kathryn Turpin. "I was thrilled for them all – and the adjudicators were warm in their praise for the impressive standards and musicianship they achieved.”

The adjudicators were David Cowan (OS), Head of Music at Opera North, and Geraldine Cassidy, soprano and Senior Lecturer in Classical Singing at Leeds College of Music.

They awarded prizes to the following:

1st - Dom Sullivan
2nd - Ben Lloyd
3rd - Saffron Milner
Highly Commended - Ayesha Mitchell, Phoebe Morris, Stephanie Worthington, Abi Watkinson,
Commended - Ed Bayliss, Dan Davies, Emily Hartland, Theo Jarvis, Mary Lees, Tianci Wang,

1st - Tabitha Winkley
=2nd - Kate Woodman
=2nd - Francesca Baynes
3rd - Annabel Thompstone
Highly Commended - Dominic Inglis-Jones, Reuben Lindsay-Bowen, Nathan Mielczarek, Orlando Williams
Commended - Grace Anderson, Lizzie Edwards, Ed Hart, Ella Inglis-Jones, Harry Webster, Branton Zhao,

1st - Alex Clark
2nd - Ryan Mupesa

Male entertainment prize - Dom Sullivan
Female entertainment prize - Tabitha Winkley

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