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Sixth Former Jude becomes the first current pupil to give a Darwin Society Lecture

Tuesday 4 February 2020

A talk that enthralled pupils and staff alike, on venoms, poison dart frogs and crocodile blood...

Jude Huffer (Rb U6) has been a keen scientist, and a keen biologist in particular, since joining the School in 2015. Currently one of the Sixth Form Darwin Society Presidents, he would normally be introducing guest lecturers for Darwin Society talks, but instead found himself centre-stage last week.

He gave a frankly fascinating talk for 30 minutes on the types of snake venom and their potential uses in medicine, as well as digressing into the exceptional immune system of crocodiles and the neurotoxins of poison dart frogs!

Teachers and pupils alike listened intently to what was a highly professional and engaging lecture, before asking challenging questions of Jude, who responded with aplomb.

Having been applying to Cambridge to read Veterinary Medicine in the Michaelmas Term, Jude began a more in-depth study into this subject area and put together a short presentation in preparation for his interviews. It was a natural progression to slightly extend his talk and make it available for the enjoyment of a wider School audience, and we look forward to more like it in the future.

Jude joins a pantheon of distinguished Darwin Society speakers that includes Professor Lord Rees (Astronomer Royal, Master of Trinity College), Professor Sir (Revd) John Polkinghorne (Theoretical Physics, Cambridge) and Professor Andrew Berry (Harvard Evolutionary Biology), to name a few. He was recently offered a place at Cambridge.


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