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Sixth Formers’ online bingo game declared winner of National Skills Challenge

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Last week our Lower Sixth Form students put their skills to the test in the National Skills Challenge.

The National Skills Challenge is a real-life business Challenge in association with The Digital Institute, London. Delivered over the course of a full school day, the challenge aims to develop the key employability skills required for the world of work, including teamwork, communication and leadership. 

The teams were asked to come up with an idea for a new computer game that could be downloaded and played on a PC, mobile device or console. Our Sixth Formers spent the morning creating a game, before going through to heats to find the finalists that were judged in the afternoon by Shrewsbury School staff.  

Team Yellow A proved they were on top of their game by winning the Shrewsbury School leg of the National Schools Challenge. The winning team members were Tim C (Rt), James H (SH), Dominic I -J (Ch), Olivia R (M), Rose S (EDH) and Harriet S (EDH).

Head of Business, Colm Kealy, said: “They devised a game was called Zingo, an online bingo game. They clearly defined their target market and displayed the creativity and ingenuity to decide how the game would look and how they would promote it including the creation of an e-sports event.

“The day was really successful with our Lower Sixth embracing all of the activities and challenges in a positive and enthusiastic manner.”

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