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Sixth Sense Festival talks inspire Lower Sixth Formers

Thursday 24 June 2021

Lower Sixth Formers were this week given the opportunity to enjoy a range of talks from outside speakers in order to inform, prepare and inspire our pupils.

The Sixth Sense Festival offered diverse talks and workshops that were designed to help our students manage their current lives and lay the foundations for managing future experiences.

Pupils enjoyed talks on a range of issues with real-life relevance to them, at a crucial transition point in their lives.

Tuesday saw the Festival start with a talk from Dr Charlie Easmon on ‘A History of Prejudice’, followed by author Shaun Attwood’s ‘Life Lessons’, ocean advocate Emily Penn and her talk on ‘The Ocean Plastic Issue’ concluding with ex-professional footballer and broadcaster Neil Mellor and his talk on ‘Leadership, Teamwork and Resilience’.

This was followed by a barbecue and festival-themed soiree at Kingsland House – with the addition of a big screen for the England Euros match!

On Wednesday, our pupils enjoyed talks from Daniel Heatherington on ‘Financial Matters’, Nick and Carol Pollard on pro-active self-care for mental health and wellbeing, finishing off with an interesting talk from the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, Laura Bates.

Later that day, pupils were invited to a peer education session with Nick and Carol Pollard, who were offering advice to our Lower Sixth formers on how to discuss mental health and wellbeing matters with younger pupils.

Henry Farmer, Head of Pupil Wellbeing, said: “Thanks to the seven speakers who made the two days stimulating and relevant with their counsel, advice or caution. There were some inspirational presentations and much to reflect on for our pupils who reach the pinnacle of their schooling next year.

“The lighter moments will be fondly remembered and having the whole year group together outside for a barbeque and some live music with a DJ set was warmly welcomed. England getting the right result on the big screen also helped!”

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