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Speech Day Exhibition in the Art School 2011

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Speech Day Art Exhibition 2011

As you enter the Art School the first impression is the most important!  Charlie Boutflower’s dynamic Raptor paintings dominate – with around the walls a wonderful  variety of creativity.

The studios are finally completely cleared of all the paraphernalia of creative activity and in the place of that ordered chaos we now have the products of the last year of hard work – displayed by year group with, understandably, the Upper Sixth having the main central gallery and the lion’s share of the space.

The Lower Sixth work is displayed in the History of Art Lecture room and the end painting studio; the Photographers have the new mezzanine, and the GCSE Exhibitions are in the middle room – each candidate having a clearly marked space in which to hang the best of the 2 year course.

The Fourth form have a section of the lecture room, and each boy has at least one work displayed.  It is a very impressive little exhibition.

The ceramicists are spoilt! Ernie Ngai has the whole of the main gallery for his AS Level work and Jamie Lambie’s One-Man Show, which opened at the beginning of May in the small gallery, is still in place with his photographs.

The Art School is open 8am–6pm daily, and all are welcome to drop by and see for themselves.

Philip  Woolley

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