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Sponsored Sports 'All-Nighter' in aid of Medic Malawi

Friday 7 February 2014

In a bid to raise funds for Medic Malawi and the Shrewsbury School Eye Clinic, a group of 32 students and several members of staff will be staging an all-night sponsored sports event on Friday 14th February. In a short film, Mr Cooley and Mrs Drew explain what will be going on - and why!

Steve Fox, Geography Master and Rowing Coach at the School, who has just celebrated his 50th birthday, will be joining the All-Nighter group and attempting to complete a marathon on an ergo in under three hours. He has deliberately chosen to row in the ‘graveyard slot’ between 2.00 and 5.00am. “I’m very conscious that two former Shrewsbury pupils are currently rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, rowing two hours on two hours off, day and night for about 60 days. So I feel the least I can do is row for three hours in one night.”

Steve, who was born in Malawi, took part in the School’s expedition to Malawi in 2012, when 18 students and 4 members of staff spent three weeks working at the projects run by Medic Malawi, which include a hospital, orphanage and school. With the other members of the expedition, Steve stood on the site where the Eye Clinic was to be built and he is thrilled to know that construction is underway. Having seen for himself the huge need for the clinic in a country that is the seventh poorest in the world and has, on average, only three nurses for every 10,000 people (compared to 103 in the UK), he is determined to raise as much money as possible for the clinic and its work.

The next school visit will take place in July this year, when Shrewsbury students hope to put the finishing touches to the clinic.

You are also able to sponsor pupils via our event page on JustGiving:

To see a short film of Mr Cooley and Mrs Drew talking about the All-Nighter event, please click on the image below:

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