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St Martin's Day Celebration

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Monday 11th November saw the German Faculty's inaugural St Martin's Day celebration, which traditionally marks the beginning of the Christmas period in Germany.

Third Formers Natalia Toms (EDH), Janice Wong (G), Georgia Dhaliwal (EDH), Clodagh Prentis (M), Massimo Wyatt (PH), Susanna Pearce (G), Kate Kong (M) and Angus Xu (R) acted out the story of Saint Martin of Tours in fluent German, setting the scene of events that unfolded in 334 AD. The talented students have only been learning German for two months but they did it all beautifully.

Revd Andy Keulemans gave a poignant address, informing the congregation that was full of German students and Christmas enthusiasts, young and old, about the life of Saint Martin, who is known for his compassion and kindness.

After the last notes of the traditional "St Martin, St Martin" song faded, accompanied by Luke Williams (SH), everyone gathered outside the Chapel for a candle-lit lantern walk, with lanterns made in Art in the weeks prior.

We were led by our very own St Martin on a blow-up horse around the top of the School Site. The 150-strong group was accompanied by music from School House Upper Sixth Formers, Louis Street (trumpet) and Jonty Gould (saxophone).

To conclude the event, everyone enjoyed hot chocolate, Lebkuchen und Weckmänner, made by KH according to a traditional German recipe.

Ein wunderbarer Abend, which hopefully will become part of the School's annual events.

Frau Russell

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