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Staff charity Beatles tribute concert gets message of support from Sir Paul McCartney

Wednesday 17 December 2014

A packed Ashton Theatre rocked to the Sounds of the Sixties on the last Monday of term, as members of staff donned psychedelic garb and beehive wigs and took to the stage as Beatles tribute band 'One in Five' to raise money for the School's youth centre in Everton, 'the Shewsy'. The news that Sir Paul McCartney himself had emailed his good wishes gave performers and audience alike an extra glow of excitement.

The evening was the brainchild of Dr Tim Foulger, whose vision, enthusiasm and determination rallied several fellow members of staff to dust off their guitars, drum sticks and vocal chords for the sake of the Shewsy. The success of the evening was a tribute to their commitment and capacity for busy-ness in managing to find time to cram rehearsals and the learning of huge reams of lyrics and music in amongst the demands of all their other responsibilities - which in several cases included running departments and boarding houses - and to the equally impressive commitment and skill of students Doug Major (S LVI) on drums and Will Allott (Ch UVI) on sound desk.

They were all delighted that Jane Robbins, a wonderful local sculptor and singer, accepted an invitation from Director of Music John Moore to join them for the evening and perform a Beatles number of her own - particularly as she also just happens to be Sir Paul McCartney's cousin. Unbeknownst to any of them, she emailed Sir Paul to let him know that she would be singing 'Here, There and Everywhere' at Shrewsbury School - and he emailed in reply to send his best wishes for the evening.

The other highlight of the evening was a fantastic perfomance by the 'Stars of 99' - an all-girl band from the Shewsy, who brought the true sound of Liverpool to the Ashton Theatre stage and reminded their hugely appreciative audience of just why that city is so famous for its wonderful musical heritage.

The evening raised a tremendous £900 - many thanks to all who supported it.

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