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STEM Society Students Inspired to Think Like Scientists

Friday 29 January 2021

Students across two year groups have been immersing themselves into a world of technology and engineering as part of a scheme that inspires young people ‘to think and behave like scientists and engineers’.

Fifth Formers and Lower 6th pupils took part in a STEM Society on Thursday afternoon, led by Miss Perkins and Mrs Smiter, which focusses on expanding pupils’ STEM knowledge.

L6th students Gary T and Finn P said: “As of now, 5th formers are partaking in a Silver Crest AwardCrest Award is an association which helps school students to undertake projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is a nationally recognised scheme for student-led projects.

“The students of the Lower 6th Form are working in collaboration with Radius Aerospace, an aviation fabrication corporation which has a base in Shrewsbury.  This collaboration was organised by The Marches Center of Manufacturing & Technology (MCMT) which is led by Leanne Mee who is the Director of The STEM Workshop.

“This is a STEM Competition where an Amazon gift voucher will be awarded as the prize by Leanne Mee and The Marches Trust.”

For any other pupils looking to be involved in STEM Challenges please go to the following link

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