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Success in Chemistry Olympiad 2018

Thursday 26 April 2018

Four gold, six silver and six bronze medals from the first round of the 2018 Chemistry Olympiad.

Twenty-two Shrewsbury School pupils took part in Round 1 of this year's RSC Chemistry Olympiad, a competition that is designed to challenge and stimulate the most talented Sixth Form chemists in the country. 

There are three rounds to the competition, at the end of which the UK team is selected to train for, and compete in, the International Chemistry Olympiad. 
Further information is available on the RSC website:

The paper itself is based on the core of the chemistry A-level specifications, so that students taking any of the different exam board A-levels can compete fairly. The exam lasts two hours and is composed of a series of structured questions designed to stretch able students by making them apply the principles they have learnt to new and often more complex situations than they would meet in their A-level course. Thus, in order to score marks, it is essential to have a very sound base of knowledge and understanding, but also have the ability to think and reason - often "outside the box" - at a high level.

The students concerned had worked at this with a weekly session throughout the year.

Gold Medals were awarded to:
Isaac Dai, Adam Pattenden, Both Ruecheseth and Kelvin Tam

Silver Medals were awarded to:
Karen Li, Jenny Xu, Tony Wan, Selina Tang, Chris Wong and Oliver Bureau

Bronze Medals were awarded to:
Koby Ferdinand-Okpala, Karist Ng, Yuhan Zhang, Emily Lo, Fiona Lim and Tommy Tong

Mr Corbett, Head of Chemistry

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