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Success in Young Writers’ Competition

Thursday 19 January 2012

Mini Saga winners 2012L-R: Oliver Pearn, Henry Peat, Lesley Drew, James Pollard, Nick Pearce

Could you write a complete story in a few lines? Or in exactly 50 words, no more, no less?  The 3rd and 4th form took on the challenge, entered their ‘mini-sagas’ in a national competition, and 40 of them have been rewarded with the chance to see their stories in print.  With 40 successful  stories, as a school, we are well placed for the ‘Best School’ prize – worth £1,000 – which is to be announced at the end of April.


The Top Eight entries

The City
The mighty walls towered high above the dusty surface, as did the other buildings inside. The magnificent cathedral sat behind the protection of the large walls. The thick, powerful gate guarded the entrance of the city. The architect stepped back and smiled; his model of ancient Rome had been completed.
Nicholas Pearce (I IV)

To jump, or not to jump, that is the question. The building is falling down. I may have to suffer the planes of the hijacking terrorists. Or to take arms against a sea of stairs; by opposing them, to die? To jump? The heartache and one thousand natural shocks of jumping?
Charlie Duckworth (O IV)

The Football’s Story
The loud whistle blew; I was tapped on my side. The other man smacked me with his foot to reach the defender’s feet.  Another man slide tackled him, got up and kicked me to the goal. I hit the bar, the crowd went ‘Ahhh!’ very loudly, and so did I.
Henry Peat (Ch IV)

Villain versus Victim
In view, the hunter saw a vision of his humble vaudevillian prey. He viciously climbed the tree, violating its bark. He cast his vast arrow as both victim and villain, by the vicissitudes of fate, were vowed together….  He shot. He hit, therefore vanquishing these venal and virulent vermin forever.
Guy Hunter (O IV)

The Scene
-    I’m going to kill you! You murdered my mother and you will die for that!
-    She was my mother too, and I did not kill her! I loved her and you know that I would never do that!
-    Go to hell!
“Stop! Stop! That acting was terrible!” said the director.
Dmitry Lesnevskiy (O IV)

The Meeting
He stood there. The rain splashing down around him, the pitter-patter of the raindrops hit the ground around him, as he waited.  Nothing else moved, and, as he stood there, he thought of the message he’d received earlier. He was wrong. He turned and left. The rain swallowed his emotions.
Charlie Steele (O IV)

World War 3: the place not to be.
The year is 2018. The world is at war. WWIII has commenced. It’s the whole world versus Russia. I, Private ‘JP’, am with a group of elite soldiers, called the Navy Seals. We are armed and ready. Suddenly, 3 mushroom clouds rise into the sky. Can this be the end?
James Pollard (PH IV)

Final Journey
The formidable jail gates in front of me shone like a beacon in the Arizona Desert. The metal gates slowly creaked open. The bus ground to a stop with only one building in sight. The jail guards violently shunted me out of the bus; they had ‘Welcomed me to Hell!’
Oliver Pearn (S IV)

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