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Summer Term Academic Update - 1 May 2020

Friday 1 May 2020

An update from Maurice Walters, Deputy Head Academic.

One of the things that has been slightly surprising about this lockdown period has been the speed with which things we once considered strange and unusual have settled down into something approaching a rhythm of normality. My increasingly lengthy and unruly hair aside, order has been brought routinely out of chaos through a remarkable spirit of determination. This has been especially true on both sides of the remote learning programme – teachers have been grappling with new technologies and platforms to ensure that lessons can be delivered in as dynamic and interactively as possible and the pupil response has been quite remarkable! Interactions over Zoom with all year groups have demonstrated Salopians to be engaged and thoroughly committed to real and impressive progress regardless of the obstacles and their tenacity, continued resilience and intellectual enthusiasm has brought real pleasure and pride to our community.

Earlier this week we launched our dual-stranded approach for the Upper Sixth Form, who will be experiencing their final ‘culminating sessions’ next week. The Shrewsbury U course, endorsed and supported by four Russell Group universities, will be an incredibly valuable journey into the world of undergraduate study. Its sister project, the Level 2 Qualification for Young Leaders accredited by the ILM, will give them an internationally recognised award and allow them to explore the theories of leadership and management while consolidating the wide variety of experiences they have had in this area throughout their time at Shrewsbury. Enormous thanks are due to Toby Percival, Head of Higher Education and Chris Wain, Head of Futures for co-ordinating these valuable projects.

The Third Form are also poised for a positively disruptive experience next week as they enter into their Theme Week in the four days before the Extended Coach Weekend. Focusing on the concept of identity, a series of extended tasks will ask them to consider ‘who they think they are’ and require them to think in creative and innovative ways about self-expression. I am very much looking forward to sharing some of the fruits of their labours with the wider Shrewsbury community in due course.

We continue to be thoroughly impressed, if not surprised, by the industry and creativity of all pupils at what is a difficult time for all and remain committed to delivering an education for them which will nurture that same sense of genuine intellectual curiosity which is so clearly sustaining so many at present.

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