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Summer Term Pastoral Update - 1 May 2020

Friday 1 May 2020

An update from Anna Peak, Deputy Head Pastoral.

As the remote schooling routine settles it is worth pausing to acknowledge that it is common to have good and bad days. ‘All over the place’ feelings of inconsistency are not personal failings; they are a normal reaction to the unfamiliar. Tiring easily? It’s because your brain is working hard and juggling complex tasks whilst dealing with the different routines you are establishing. Perhaps future based goals, projects and dreams have disappeared. Do not worry, it’s your brain knowing that working in the short term right now is a safer way for you to cope.

With this in mind, our pastoral support continues apace. So far this term Housemasters and Mistresses have made in excess of 1600 phone calls, tutors have held 80 zoom tutor meetings across the 3rd, 4th and 5th form, and another 600+ phone calls have been made by tutors to members of the Sixth Form. These statistics remind me of the mid-1990’s BT advert starring Bob Hoskins, with the famous slogan ‘it’s good to talk’. This sentiment echoes the feedback we are receiving from the pupils.

As well as talking, our community is also ‘doing’. News of volunteering efforts and charity work continue to reach us. Just this week Salopian families are offering to take part in medical trials, Frankie (UVI PH) has been volunteering at a local nursery and Lewis (UVI PH) continues with efforts to cycle 26 miles a day for 26 days for Shropshire MIND. Over in Kenya Mairi (UVI MSH) has climbed the Pembroke Bridge 704 times, the equivalent of Mount Kenya, to raise money to feed her local community. Please keep sharing what you are up to with us.

‘Doing’ has not just been confined to charity. Mr Lloyd, Severn Hill Assistant Housemaster and Head of Design Technology, has thrown down the gauntlet for us to take on the Spin Challenge. If you haven’t seen the video do look at the twitter page @DTShrewsbury for some light relief. Likewise, if you haven’t had a chance yet to read Charlie (UVI M) article written for Autism Awareness week, please do. It can be found here.

I too have also been writing, but for a different audience; my 4-year-old nephew. Having misheard the word ‘virus’ as ‘pirate’ he believes that the reason he isn’t allowed to attend nursery is because of the ‘Corona Pirate’. In response, I have written him a swashbuckling adventure. It follows the escapades of a Prime Minister, with wild hair, an RAF Engineer and the pets of Badweswell Nursery as they lead the country to battle said, evil pirate. My efforts are no threat to David Walliams’s literary top spot but written on a day when I felt low and was struggling it helped realign by ‘motivation yo-yo’ and onwards I went. Embracing activities and engaging with new things can be as helpful for our mental health as talking, so do enrol in the Co-Curricular options on offer whilst in remote and remember we all have bad days. It is completely normal.

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