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SUPA performances from the Shrewsbury School polo team

Thursday 3 May 2018

Shrewsbury’s polo players travelled to the damp, chilly and wind-whipped heights of Birdlip in Gloucestershire on Sunday 29th April to take part in the second session of the postponed Schools and Universities Polo Association (SUPA) Senior Schools Arena National Championships at the Longdole Polo Club. 

Beginner Bilal Anwar (Rb-LVI) learned fast in his first experience of battle, and the gentlemen of the B team (Ben Henderson (S LVI), Bertie Speed (I UVI) and Scott Walker (SH UVI)) gave a solid account of themselves in their clashes with Wellington and Felstead, taking second place in their division. 

Yet despite the miseries of the cold and rain, the A team (Ned Moreau (Rt LVI), Fred Blanchard-Butter (SH UVI) and Milo Hebert (R LVI)) tied with a team with Cheltenham before beating ones from Wellington and Eton and found themselves in first place in the day’s top division. It was, in its way, a glorious moment: one of Fred Blanchard-Butter’s long-range goals even drew gasps from onlookers. 

The team brought grins to their loyal coach, Glynn Henderson, despite his reservations about the weather.

Mr Sheppe

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