Shrewsbury School

Team Bronze at the National Knole Run

Monday 14 January 2019

The boys’ and girls’ teams of the Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt were in tremendous form in one of the biggest races in the cross-country calendar on Saturday 12th January.

The boys’ A team were looking to get back on the podium after a disappointing outing last year, and having been set a target of all six scorers in the top 40 positions, they achieved it admirably.

Sam Western (S) placed 7th with a terrific run, Charlie Ockleston (O) 16th, Tom Jackson (R) 26th, Oscar Hamilton-Russell (R) 30th, Rider Hartley (Ch) 33rd and Sam Watts (Ch) 37th gave us a points score of 149. This was a massive 135 points lower than last year, and was enough to earn the bronze medal, behind Cooper Company and Coburn School in second with 130 points, and Judd dominating the race with an astonishingly low score of 72.

The boys' B team also did brilliantly, placing second-highest B team and 11th overall, defeating lots of other schools' A teams. Particular congratulations are due to Third Formers Ben Weston (R) in 62nd and Will Singleton (R) in 64th for an incredibly strong debut performance.

The girls fought hard to earn their 6th place overall out of 14 teams, and managed in doing so to beat their points score from last year for the first four finishers. Lillian Wilcox (EDH) ran very strongly indeed to place 21st, ahead of Alessandra Ardissino (M) in 28th. Sophia Dixon (MSH) placed 37th, just ahead of Anna Cowan (MSH) in 40th. Felicity Hayward (EDH) managed to improve on last year's run by knocking over two minutes off her time, placing 57th (last year 85th) and Izzy Anwyl (M) completed the team in 71st.

Congratulations to everyone who raced on what was a great day for the Hunt.

For the full report, please click here.

Mr Haworth
Teacher in Charge of the Hunt

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