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'Team Shrewsbury School' up to almost 40 for the marthon in June

Thursday 28 February 2013

Numbers are creeping up to the 40 mark, with good sign up from the whole cross-section of the Salopian community: teaching staff, support staff, pupils, parents, teachers' spouses, a sister, and others (but no Old Salopians as yet).  More will be very welcome - please email Peter Middleton if you are interested in signing up.  The marathon/half-marathon details are repeated below.

Further to the recent announcement that Shrewsbury will host its first ever marathon and half-marathon, already significant numbers of staff have signed up for the event on Sunday 23rd June 2013.  A number of parents have also expressed an interest in joining team Shrewsbury School, so the team is fast growing.  In fact, we are aiming for 100 runners in total to be part of the school team, from staff, parents and pupils, with the majority likely to be tackling the shorter distance of the half marathon.

If parents wish to enter the half-marathon or marathon, please can you enter via the event website ( but also let the school know that you have entered so we can add you to our team list (e-mail  When entering your details on the website, please put 'Shrewsbury School' under the team name.

A few more pieces of information for you:

1) The school will be hosting a pre-race 'Pasta Party' the night before the race in The Quod.  This will be an opportunity for staff, parents and pupils to get together as a team and to get down a few bowls of those all-important carbs!  We will also hopefully have a speaker at the event to get everyone inspired and geared up for the race the next day. We will be getting vests made up for those in the school team, and these will also include the 'Medic Malawi' logo, the charity that the school will be supporting in its fundraising for the event.  Do feel free to raise money for the charity of your own choice, but if you are looking around for a worthwhile charity to support, then we would certainly recommend Medic Malawi.  A group of Shrewsbury students will be visiting the project in summer 2014 and will see for themselves how the money is being spent.  The school are currently raising money for the 'Shrewsbury Eye Clinic' in one of the seven poorest countries in the world, and we hope that the marathon will raise further substantial funds for this project. We would also welcome the support of businesses or companies in our fundraising.

3) We will arrange a training run prior to the race in various different pacing groups in order that the team have the opportunity to run one lap of the course (just over 10km).  This will likely be on a Sunday a few weeks before the race itself, and will be a good opportunity to meet others from the team and prepare for the race itself.

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