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Teddy Briggs achieves Distinction in Silver LAMDA Award for Acting

Thursday 5 March 2015

Having achieved an Outstanding Distinction in her Grade 6 Bronze Medal LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) exam last summer, Teddy Briggs (EDH UVI) has now been awarded Distinction in her Silver LAMDA exam. 

Teddy took the exam in London in December and had to prepare a challenging set of performances – a Shakespearean monologue and two more modern pieces, one pre-1980 and one post-1980 – as well a considerable amount of background knowledge and history.

She chose Hermione's monologue from A Winter's Tale, a monologue from Back To Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw, where she played the Serpent, and finally Mercy's monologue from I Am Yours by Judith Thompson.

“After performing these, I had a formal interview with the examiner where he asked me about the history of Shakespeare's writing and the significance of his use of certain rhyming schemes/use of blank verse as opposed to free verse. He also asked about the character's intentions and motivations as well as why they use the language they do.”

Teddy was awarded a Distinction with a very impressive mark of 80/90. She received full marks in her knowledge section and no less than 13/14 on each section on intention and portrayal.

She is now working towards her Gold LAMDA Award and is applying to study at drama school next year, hoping to pursue her long-cherished dream of pursuing acting as a career.

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