Shrewsbury School

Third Form Race

Monday 9 September 2019

At the end of the first week of Foundation Fortnight, the Third Form had their first experience of representing their House in sport and running a ‘Benjy’ – an historic 1.5-mile cross-country race around the School site.

 The annual Third Form Race is the traditional introduction for all new pupils into the Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt, which has the distinction of being the oldest cross-country running club in the world. Its written records date back to the 1830s, and the 'Benjy' course (named after Benjamin Kennedy - Headmaster from 1836-1866) is almost as old as the club itself.

This year's race was an exciting display of speed, determination and wonderful House spirit. Well done to all runners – and particular congratulations to those who reached the podium:

Boys’ Race
1st - Brad Keay (R)
2nd - Samuel Jones (PH)
3rd - Hamish Griffiths (PH)

Girls’ Race
1st - Emily Windsor Clive (EDH)
2nd - Eloise Jones (MSH)
3rd - Anisha Mupesa (M)

Port Hill won the boys’ team event very convincingly with 39 points, ahead of Churchill’s Hall and Radbrook, who had 137 and 139 points respectively.

It was very close in the girls’ team event, with Emma Darwin Hall beating Moser’s Hall by a single point – 62 vs 63.

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