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Three-day visit to The Shewsy

Thursday 2 February 2012

Sienna HolmesLast week’s visit to the Shewsy was fascinating for all those who went.  The days were full and stimulating, and, as usual,  the main focus was helping at the Youth Club from  3pm until 10pm, acting as ‘big brothers and sisters’ to primary-aged children, and then spending time with the older musicians, as they prepared for their next gig.  Sienna Holmes (EDH LVI) writes about one of her highlights:

Actors Andrew Schofield and Paul DuckworthReds and Blues
On our second day at the Shewsy our group was lucky enough to find that our visit coincided with a talk being held at the Youth Club by Andrew Schofield, Paul Duckworth and Dave Kirby. Together they had been involved in the creation of the film, ‘Reds & Blues’ a comedy about the deep-set rivalry between Liverpool FC and Everton FC fans in the area. Andrew and Paul played the two leading roles – Andrew being red and Paul being blue – which helped ensure numerous laughs throughout the film, while Dave Kirby wrote the mischievous script. All three of them are originally from Liverpool and grew up in areas not dissimilar from Everton, where we were staying, and it seemed very apparent that this had a real effect on many of the kids watching.

Andrew Schofield explained that he had only become interested in acting through his own local youth-work organisation, and was therefore living proof of the amazing work they do.  Dave Kirby talked about his past and how writing comedies had helped him to branch away from his clashes with the police as a teenager. I found this was really poignant for many of the audience, now listening to an adult who they had full respect for and who they could empathise with.

After half an hour or so of question and answers, mostly along the lines of, ‘what was the funniest moment on the set?’ which led to many tales of mishaps with trampolines, we came to the final question where one member asked, ‘if you could go back and tell your 15 year old self one piece of advice what would it be?’ I found that really their response was not just about how to make it into the world of acting, but rather how to make it into the world, full stop. Their message was pretty clear, that perseverance and an open mind always led to success and respect. Or, in the words of Dave Kirby, ‘Shut up, listen to what people around you are saying and for God’s sake take notice!

Dave Kirby, author

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