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Top awards in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge 2013

Monday 26 August 2013

One Roentgenium, four Gold, seven Silver and 18 Copper medals have been awarded to Shrewsbury Lower Sixth Form Chemists who took part in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge 2013 after their busy AS exam schedule.

Crystal Chan (MSH) (pictured below) - who had already won a Gold medal in the RSC International Chemistry Olympiad in March - achieved a Roentgenium medal in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. This is their highest award, given to the top 0.8% of students who enter the competition. To recognise this outstanding achievement, Crystal was invited to attend a residential chemistry camp at the University of Cambridge at the end of August, which she says she looked forward to all summer!

Crystal Chan

"I was accommodated at St Catharine’s College throughout the four days of the course, which is right in the centre of town; the undergraduates and lecturers there were very welcoming and friendly.

"During the days I attended chemistry lectures which took place in the Chemistry Department of the University. The lectures were based on principles that I have already learnt at school but at a much greater depth. Both organic and physical chemistry were covered and the most interesting section was investigating the chance of synthesising EDTA using the materials present on a plane. In addition, I performed some practical work – the most fascinating thing for me was analysing the formula of a copper complex. These lab sessions allowed me to develop an appreciation of the equipment and operation of laboratories in university.

"The Chemistry Camp at Cambridge was truly a memorable experience, and it has given me the insight of university life at one of the top universities in the world. "

Gold medals in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge were awarded to:

Harry Fox (PH), Arthur Kung (R), Chris Papaioannou (PH), Ben Quirk (PH)

Silver medals were awarded to:
Stanley Hau (SH), Helen Ho (MSH), Robert Homden (Rb), Clive Lam (O), Isobel Tennison-Collins (MSH), Tammy Wong (MSH), Ian Yeung (R)

Copper medals were awarded to:
Jennifer Anderson (EDH), Phoebe Barboza (EDH), Nur Besar (MSH), Yee Lok Cheng (I), Jay Cherukat (PH), Michael Cheung (O), Peter Evans (I), William Hayes (M), Irene Kwan (EDH), Denton Lee (S), Cindy Lin (EDH), Thomas Miller (Rb), Makiko Nishikawa (EDH), Charlotte Perkins (EDH),Tom Rowe (M), Hattie Warner (EDH), Jonathan Wu (S), Taiding Yang (Rt)

This is the second time the School has entered the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, which is set by an experienced team of teachers and university chemists and is endorsed and sponsored by St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. It is designed to be accessible to LVI students but stretches them significantly beyond the syllabus and challenges them to think about science in the way they would at university.


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