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Top awards at the Haberdashers' Aske's Model United Nations Conference

Thursday 13 March 2014

Shrewsbury’s Model United Nations A Team were named ‘Best Delegation’ at the Haberdashers’ Askes’ MUN Conference in Elstree last weekend. Three of the team also won individual Outstanding Delegate awards in their respective committees, a further two were named Distinguished Delegates and two Salopians were Highly Commended.

Shrewsbury win Best Delegation Award at Haberdashers' Aske's MUN Conference,

Some 400 delegates took part in the Conference from 30 different schools, the majority from the south-east but also including one delegation from Texas and one from Paris.

Ralph Wade (Rb UVI) gives an entertaining account of the weekend:

"For a school that is in the top echelons of Model United Nations, we are remarkably bad at leaving on time. Nonetheless, our favourite blue 17-seater was found, and our Vice President, Ralph, packed the minibus with all the precision that befits the son of a Chartered Architect. Arriving in Elstree with ample time to don the traditional tweed, we embarked on lobbying our various clauses, resolutions and views in our committees, armed with the usual Haribo (“diplomatic offering”) and Salopian charm.

Suitably energised from the largest Premier Inn breakfast available, the Conference proper began. Debates on topics ranging from the efficacy of UN intervention to the role of Pokémon in Conflict Resolution raged throughout the day. We all felt suitably deserving when the time came for the delegation “knees-up” at Zinco’s, our favoured establishment.

General Assembly (a gathering of around 400 delegates) followed the next morning, and Shrewsbury led the debate, watched proudly by advisors Mr Peach and Mr Barrett. Guatemala (our A team) were honoured to be awarded Best Delegation, a highly coveted award, especially at an international conference.

Ambassador Mark Huang made a moving acceptance speech, and Ralph Wade led the assembled masses in a powerful rendition of “Happy Birthday, Mr Peach”.  It is, of course, Mr Peach’s birthday every time we win.

On a more serious note, the two Vice-Presidents were very proud, and humbled, to be beaten hands-down by the other members of the delegation.  I know that I speak for both our Iranian and Guatemalan delegations when I say that we are immensely grateful to Mr Peach and Mr Barrett for all their support."

Representing Guatemala, Shrewsbury’s A Team comprised:
Human Rights: Mark Huang (Ambassador) – Highly Commended
Security Council: Sasha Arridge (Rb V) – Outstanding Delegate Award
Special Commission: Ralph Wade (Rb UVI) – Distinguished Delegate Award
Disarmament: Jonty Small (M UVI) – Outstanding Delegate Award
Political 1: James Ollerhead (Ch LVI) – Distinguished Delegate Award
Political 2: Ed Plaut (S IV) – Outstanding Delegate Award

Shrewsbury’s B Team represented Iran and also performed extremely well throughout the Conference.
Special Commission: Sylvia Yeo (Ambassador) (EDH LVI)
Human Rights: Krem Todorova (MSH LVI)
Disarmament: Akaash Patel (I LVI)
Political 1: Tim van der Hoeven (S LVI)
Political 2: Jamie Nugent (SH LVI) – Highly Commended
Ecology and Environment: Joe Lafferty (PH LVI)

Dan Edwards(S LVI) also gained valuable experience as Chair of the Political 1 Committee.

Shrewsbury School TV has recently made a film giving a brief insight into what Model United Nations is all about. Please see: A brief look at... Model United Nations

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