Shrewsbury School

Tremendous haul of medals in the Shropshire County Swimming Championships

Monday 20 May 2013

Shrewsbury swimmers returned from the Shropshire County Swimming Championships on Wednesday 15th May sporting four gold medals, three silvers and one bronze.

Phil Yue, Peter Evans, Stanley Hau, Harry Fox, Daniel Schwenkert, Benny Wong, Tom Sykes, Nat Chumbala and Kwaku Antwi all swam fantastically well, with the majority achieving personal best times.  Stanley, Tom, Daniel and Phil have now been invited to represent the county in the Three Counties Championships on Saturday 15th June.

Stanley Hau built up a solid lead in both of his races (100m breaststroke and 100m front crawl) with the other Salopians trailing not too far behind. His times were above and beyond the other competitors’, drawing very close to his personal best time.

Tom Sykes was also way ahead of the field in his 100m breaststroke, being less than a fifth of a second off the Championship record. This secured him a gold medal, and he then won a second gold in the 100m front crawl.
Daniel Schwenkert won silver medals in both of his events, the 100m backstroke and 100m front crawl.


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