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Thursday 8 March 2018

In order to support the A Level Business course, the Business Studies Department has this term run a series of talks given by guest speakers.

Focusing on key topics of study including business start-ups, marketing, social media marketing and ethical behaviour, they have given the students a valuable and fascinating insight into the realities and decision-making processes involved in setting up and running a business.

Professor Lalage Bown OBE visited Mary Sidney Hall and gave a vivid account of her role in promoting education for women in Nigeria and Zimbabwe as well as her reasons for setting up the charity Womenkind Worldwide. The audience was captivated by her first-hand experiences and the examples she described of extreme inequality.

Teresa Heath-Wareing, Managing Director and Founder of THW Social Media Marketing, came to Hodgson Hall to give a talk on the ups and downs of running your own small business as well as the importance and relevance of the growing field of social media marketing.  Although Teresa kept her trade secrets safely guarded, she did give a detailed account of the importance of Facebook’s algorithms and the strategic use of social media to support marketing in today’s business world.

Clare Downs, Managing Director of Monkhouse Foods, spoke to the students about her reasons for setting up her own business, the skill-set required to do so and the importance of marketing and clear communication with your customers.  She gave a detailed account of how the food and drink market has changed in recent years, including the increase in small brands and the opportunities and challenges that this presents.

We are extremely grateful to all our guest speakers, who have been very generous with their time and knowledge - to the great benefit of our Business Studies students.

Mrs Pritchard

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