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Upper Sixth Formers embrace all that Shrewsbury U has to offer

Friday 25 June 2021

Following the virtual launch in 2020 of Shrewsbury U, a programme designed to give Salopians a head start at university, this year we welcomed over 150 of the Upper Sixth back to take part in an expanded offering. 

Though the bedrock remains a focus on the academic study skills required at university, created in partnership with four Russell Group universities, we were delighted this year to provide more hands-on experiences. 

The importance of First Aid has been prominent in both the national and Salopian minds recently, and we are immensely proud that each participant will have completed an emergency course that will provide them with the vital skills to save a life.

Alongside this, another key skill highlighted by Old Salopians as important was Student Cooking, and our amazing KH team have offered a masterclass in the basics each student should know when embarking on independent living.  Matt Warburton, Executive Head Chef, has been brave enough to test every offering – and is still standing, which is a key indicator of success!

Following consultation with OS and the Upper Sixth themselves on what they wanted to know, the programme also included sessions on Budgeting, Finance, covering the key and riveting introductions to Tax and Pensions (!), as well as an insight into gaining internships, making the most of university and developing the best online presence for employers. 

To end, Dr Kate Daubney, Director of Careers at the Careers Group, who oversees the function of all of the University of London, provided invaluable tips in a session on how to make yourself more employable whilst at university.

Toby Percival, Head of Higher Education, said: “A key tenet of the Shrewsbury U programme is that it needed to be relevant and engaging for the Upper Sixth as they entered their final two weeks at Shrewsbury.  Hopefully, they will be able to embark on their next adventure more confident in forging a successful path through university and beyond. 

“We wish them the very best for their futures and look forward to seeing their successes.  I am particularly grateful to my colleagues, the dozen OS who helped and colleagues at universities for leading informative, engaging and incredibly useful sessions.”

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