Shrewsbury School

Upper Sixth Students Enjoy Virtual Neuroscience Lectures

Thursday 28 January 2021

Salopians in Upper Sixth were given the opportunity to pick the brains of medical lecturer Dr Guy Sutton as he delivered a lecture in neuroscience.

Dr Sutton, who is an assistant Professor at University of Nottingham Medical School, specialising in neuroscience, usually visits school every January to speak to our Upper Sixth pupils. This coincides with their work on the nervous system topic.

Image above is from a previous Dr Sutton lecture at the school.

His previous visits have seen him give back-to-back lectures and perform a live brain dissection. This year, Dr Sutton adapted his presentation and arranged a full afternoon of talks for the pupils via Zoom, including topics on basic brain anatomy, lobes or the brain and neurological disorders. Sadly, there was no dissection this year.

Every year his script changes to reflect cutting-edge research. A high point is his description of the brain includes topics such as computer interfaces, which promise bionic prosthetic limbs, and communication with coma patients - and perhaps mind-reading.

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