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Viva the Venetian Vogalonga!

Sunday 20 May 2018

The Vogalonga is a thirty-two kilometre row around Venice in which some two thousand rowing boats, canoes, gondolas and Chinese dragon boats take part each Whit Sunday.

The route of the row takes you from in front of St. Mark's Square around the east end of the main island then up to Burano and Murano before coming back to the main island via the Canareggio Canal and then down the Grand Canal  to the finish, which is in front of Salute.

I first took part in the event in 2016 and enjoyed it so much that I decided to row each year for as long as I have the strength to do so.

This year I was joined in my crew by another Sabrina member, Peter Roberts. We completed our row in 3hrs 15mins which was a reasonable time.

If you row or have rowed, whether at School and/or subsequently, you should seriously think of taking part in the Vogalonga. I hadn't rowed for forty-four years when I decided to have a go. I got in about ten outings in London before heading off to Venice.

This is something you should not miss doing at least once in your life!

Miles Preston (DB 1963-68)

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