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Volunteering @ Home: Pupils are busy helping in their community

Friday 5 February 2021

Salopians across the world have been keeping busy by getting involved in our Volunteering @ Home initiative.

During this remote learning period, Shrewsbury pupils have been encouraged to do something for the benefit of others. This volunteering idea could be as large or as small as they liked, and some of our pupils have really gone the extra mile as part of this challenge.

A popular way to show some care to the community is through cake. Many of our pupils have been busy baking a whole range of sweet treats for their nearest and dearest, people on their own or those who just need a pick-me-up.

Minty M (L6, MSH) has been baking cakes and wrote beautifully decorated cards to go with them for elderly people who are isolating, Ben P (IV, O) baked and delivered a car boot full of cakes to elderly people in his village while checking they were ok and Mollie P (IIV, MH,) has been baking up a storm and delivering cakes to three ladies living alone.


Mollie, who lives in Jersey where some lockdown restrictions have been eased, said: “The ladies are so nice and grateful that I visited, and they are always excited to see me. I write to one of the ladies a lot in her care home, so although I wasn’t allowed to see her, I could drop the cake off at the door.”


More pupils who have been busy in the kitchen include Luis B, (IV, S) who has been cooking meals for his elderly neighbours and Robert M (IIV, S) who has also been delivering home cooked food to a neighbour. Robert has also been litter picking, just like Kaitlyn O (L6, MSH) who went out on her bike looking for litter and Clem G (IIV, Ph) who searched far and wide in Shrewsbury for rubbish.


And the volunteering doesn’t just happen in this country: Sam C (L6, SH) and Josh C (L6, R) have been working at their local dog shelter in Hong Kong.


Back in the UK brother and sister team Amelia (IV, EDH) and Henry G (L6, Ph) have taken it upon themselves to salvage carrots from a neighbouring farm that were not harvested and donating their pickings to the Shrewsbury Food Hub. So far, the pair have collected more than 1,200 carrots!

Amelia added: “Henry and I have been digging up, washing, and boxing carrots for three weeks and have so far given 1,274, that’s about 165kgs, to the Shrewsbury Food Hub. It’s very muddy, as you can see in the photos, and we collect for about an hour a day. 

“We asked the farmer’s permission before we started, and he was happy they weren’t going to go to waste. We are going to carry on until the end of the half term and are aiming to collect 3,000 carrots.”

Well done to all our students who have put in a great effort with the Volunteering @ Home initiative so far; we look forward to seeing what they all get up to next.

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