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A Week in the Life of Ed Plaut (S IV)

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Ed is in the Fourth Form in Severn Hill and is a keen sportsman, actor, debater and cellist. He is also an active member of the Model United Nations group, where he is starting to make his mark as an accomplished speaker.

Ed Plaut (S IV)Monday 9th September
The alarm bleeps loudly at 7am, rudely awakening me from my lovely warm bed. It’s then a quick shower and down to KH for breakfast, before getting back to house and going off to double Geography with Mr Fox, learning about hydrographs and drainage basins, which is more interesting than it sounds. This is followed by History, Maths and Chemistry before lunch. After lunch it’s off to Physics with Mr Balcombe, learning about voltage and current before a slightly more laid back lesson in RS with Mr Dalton, watching Richard Dawkins rudely attack Christianity on video for 40 minutes. After RS I rush back to house stick on my football gear and run up to Top Common for A team football practice, only to find out I’ve been moved teams and that I’m not needed for that session. Then back to house to finish off some English coursework, then dinner, then more Top Schools. Finally I crash into bed tiredly at 10 and fall asleep.

Tuesday 10th September
Before school on Tuesday is always Tutor Period, and my Tutor this year is Mr Morris, so it’s off to the Lyle Bs before first period for the always entertaining session. Another double lesson first thing today, this time Biology with Mr Allott. A practical involving jelly blocks, acid and a broken vial ensued, but it did actually have some academic meaning to do with diffusion. Then it was Geography and after break, History with Mr Cook, which is always amusing in some way. English and RS followed, and then Maths with Miss Burge, which ended in a game of darts, which certainly lightened up learning about probabilities. Then it was the dash back to Severn Hill on the other side of campus to get changed for football.

After an hour of practice, it was time for B Leagues, one of the house football leagues. B Leagues could be compared to the Champions League or the World Cup, but that would be understating their magnificence. The Severn Hill team, who have been likened to the all-conquering Cardiff City, stepped out onto the illustrious turf of Upper Kingsland to attempt to defeat reigning champions Port Hill. An hour later, Severn Hill 9 Port Hill 1, a victory that included five goals from myself. Then it was a bit of Top Schools and some work on my Model United Nations resolution for the next day, and then back to my warm bed.

Wednesday 11th September
Wednesday brings the delight of Fourth and Fifth Form Chapel with it, so before double Spanish it’s off to the Chapel through the drizzle to listen to Reverend Dobbie deliver his talk on a piece of art and how it is connected to Christianity. This week was the mismatched stained glass window of Lincoln Cathedral, and how God picks up our metaphorical “pieces” and puts them back together.

After Chapel it’s double Spanish on the top floor of MSBs with Mrs Wright, learning about the imperfect and preterite tenses. Not exciting stuff, but it’s got to be learnt I suppose. Then it’s triple science, with Physics followed by double Chemistry. We are doing tests for negative ions in Chemistry which is good fun, mixing and heating chemicals to find out what colour certain ions are. Then it’s sport, and afterwards some of my mates and I bravely venture out into town in the heavy rain, getting drenched - all for a Subway sandwich (it was worth it).

After town I head back to the house to gather my preparation for MUN (Model United Nations), and head off to MSBs. I am proposing a resolution on Chemical and Biological Weapons as if I was a British diplomat at the UN, talking to try and get my resolution passed. MUN is great fun, and is never entirely serious, with the Vatican City threatening to excommunicate all those states who don’t vote for my resolution, and some very strange analogies involving chemical weapons being compared to angry mothers-in-law. In the end my resolution doesn’t pass, but it was quite closely run. After MUN it is off to dinner and then back to house to do some more Top Schools and then to bed.

Thursday 12th September
There had been rumours of a fire drill happening early on Thursday morning, and so I am greatly relieved to be awoken by my alarm at 7.20 instead of at 6 by a loud fire alarm. As the Fourth Form have nothing on this morning, the pace is slightly slower as we amble down to breakfast and then on to lessons. My favourite two periods of the week are double History on a Thursday morning, and this morning is as entertaining as last week. We work hard learning about the Treaty of Versailles and the aftermath of World War 1, but the fun really happens in the break between the two periods. These five minutes normally consists of Mr Cook showing us some extremely funny YouTube clips, and this week is no different, featuring llamas with hats and a trailer for one of the great amateur horror films of all time, 'Possum Death Spree'.

After History it’s off to Maths, English and then a cello lesson with Mrs Bingham. Thursday afternoon brings with it CCF, my chosen activity for the year. This week we learn about the No8 rifle, and how to safety check it, as well as how to march and stand to attention (known as drill in the CCF) and also field signals. After that lot it’s the annual CCF recruit tradition, the River Run. This involves a run down to the River Severn, then up the Reabrook tributary (in the actual water) before running back up to school via an alternative way that involves pulling yourself up an extremely steep bank with a rope. As we were the second last group to start, the slope was slick with water and muddy, and getting up was a real challenge. However, in the end my group finished second out of six, which was quite good. After that I head back to house for a shower, much needed after all the mud, before a quick game of football on the house pitch and then dinner.

Friday 13th September
First thing on Friday morning is double RS with Mr Dalton, in which we take notes about miracles before going off through the never-ending drizzle to English with Mr Sheppe. Double Physics follows after break, and then Spanish and Geography after lunch. After lessons I have football again, so I put on my kit and head for Top Common. Today we play a practice match with the squad split in half, and after getting embarrassingly beaten between my legs for the oppositions first goal, I play OK. Eventually, my team end up losing 5-3 and we head off for dinner. After dinner it’s the usual routine of shower, work and sleep.

Saturday 14th September
My alarm goes off at 7.20 today as its Saturday and I have nothing on before lessons, and first thing is PSHE with Mrs Peak, a slightly more relaxed lesson than the other subjects, before Biology and Maths. In Biology we do a practical to investigate osmosis, and in Maths we do sine and cosine rules. Then it’s off to Grot Shop for break, grabbing a snack before going to ICT with Mr Fox and then Spanish. As it’s a Saturday, there are no afternoon lessons so I head back to house. It’s the afternoon of the Third Form 6-a-side, and it’s a good result for Severn Hill, who finish second, losing narrowly to Ridgemount in the final. On Saturday nights I tend to order in a takeaway pizza and watch a film with some mates, and tonight we watch “Lost Lake”. Then it’s off to bed, looking forward to my lie-in the next day as it is evening chapel the next day.

Sunday 15th September
A lie-in this morning as chapel is in the evening, and I sleep in to the glorious time of 9.30. I heat up the remnants of my pizza from the previous night, and after much procrastination I finally get down to my second draft of my English coursework. After I finally finish this I have a couple of games of Fifa with my mates, and then after a few more hours of pure procrastination I finally get down to revising some Chemistry for a test the next day. Chapel is a shorter, evening service today that starts at 8.30 and is finished by 9, so after Chapel I finish my chemistry revision and head for bed.

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