Shrewsbury School

A Week in the Life of Eliza Hodgson (EDH LVI)

Thursday 29 September 2011

The third week into the start of my new school, and I already feel stuck into a routine; still this doesn’t make waking up for breakfast any easier!  

I head off to lessons at ten to nine, more awake after an energising breakfast of KH porridge!After a busy morning of hard work and a quick change into my rowing kit, it’s down to the river for some sculling practice with Mrs. Wilson.  We ventured upstream for the first time, and made huge progress with our technique.

Later that night after tea and call over, we had our first part song rehearsal – while it’s a bit unfinished now, by the time we get to house singing competition Emma Darwin will stand a good chance!

Thursday morning starts off with chapel, a slightly earlier start but it means a quicker walk to lessons. There are fewer lessons on a Thursday leaving the afternoon free for activities; as an artist I head to the studio to work on my life drawing.  After four hours of work, it’s down to the boathouse to do an ergo session with Bridget and Mrs. Wilson.  A much-desired tea is the next stop on the way back to house from the river. After a stressful session of Top Schools, Ridgemount arrives in our hall for the first house play meeting; “Forty Years on”.  We’re all very excited. Then it’s off to bed.

My Friday begins with the same morning routine of breakfast, call over, and lessons. Right after lessons, I head down to the river for a technique session in the double with Bridget.  We race back to house after rowing to get changed for Liv’s Mexican birthday dinner! Great fun and back in the house for a good night's sleep.

Finally the weekend!  A short day of lessons followed by a tour around campus with a prospective student for the Open Day.  Then the first girls’ house rowing competition, which came to a draw for the two girls’ houses – Emma Darwin is hoping to turn that around next house rowing, but a fair start to the new competition. I took a leisurely walk around town with some friends, and returned in time for tea. After a busy school week, I relaxed and watched films with friends before heading to the Sixth Form Quod. 

Chapel Choir rehearsal bright and early on Sunday morning - no chance for a lie in!  Followed by a lovely ‘New Entrants’ chapel service. Brunch was especially delicious after the morning rehearsal and service; full English with lashings of ketchup!  A calm day to balance out the busy weekday routine was well spent working and resting. Finishing the day with a film in Quod.

The start of a new week, and I found myself back in the daily routine. After lessons it was house hockey against MSH, resulting in an EDH victory!  Unison house singing practice followed, it’s really coming together! After a bit of Top Schools and a visit to the gym, it was time for bed.

Due to the sponsored walk taking place on Thursday, the day began with a chapel service with Reverend Dobbie and the rest of the Sixth Form. A long day of lessons was followed by a session on the water, and ergo training.  After tea, I had a long but productive chapel choir; in preparation for the Old Salopian Chapel service in a few weeks’ time. Then it was time for some Top Schools followed by sleep.

Wednesday came with blue sky and a summer heat of 26 degrees!  After lessons it was a perfect day for rowing on the river, we rowed an eight upstream.  Straight from rowing, still in sports kit, I spent the remainder of my afternoon in an art lesson.  Tea-time, then Top Schools followed by a French Speaking lesson. The whole house is resting up and getting to bed early, in preparation for our twenty mile sponsored walk tomorrow for ‘The Shewsy’.

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