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A Week in the Life of Emily Wood (MSH LVI)

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Emily Wood was chosen to write this piece as she studies both Art and Art History at A level. Her week hopefully hints at the breadth of activities that take place within Shrewsbury's Art Faculty, and her painting (pictured below) is currently on display as part of the current Lower Sixth exhibition. All exhibits can be viewed on the school website following the Art Faculty link:

Emily WoodMonday 14th January     
Alarm set for 7:00am wake-up – but pressing the snooze button repeatedly until 7.30 seemed a much better idea. After a warm shower to wake me up, stepping outside to 0° to I was too late for Danish pastries in breakfast; obviously not so many pupils pressing snooze in the other houses.

After getting through my 5 periods of History, double History of Art and then double Business Studies it was time for Lunch, followed by Art in societies hour. Walking out of Art and back to house in the miserable rain and hail I thought to myself ‘Am I actually going to have to play netball in this weather?’ – The answer of course was yes! MSH managed to pay well despite the weather, and actually beat EDH! The rest of the evening was spent doing Topschools and there was an exciting event in MSH – but that’s a whole other story that Ms Peak says will only be revealed with bribery.

Tuesday 15th January
Tuesday is my favourite day. History of Art with Mr Woolley followed my double study period. Before starting Shrewsbury I’d never done anything remotely to do with the History of Art, and so it was a whole new subject, a nice change from my GCSE subjects. Personally I can’t think of anything worse then settling down to some nice maths equations. History of Art is much more my kind of a subject!

Next was break where I had my daily crème egg and hot chocolate! After Lunch I had rowing, a sport I never thought I’d participate in, but there I was at 3 o’clock sat in a rowing boat which had managed to get stuck in the bank praying that I wouldn’t end up in the water. Thankfully we made it back dry! In Topschools I settled down to my History of Art essay – in for the next day, as usual I’d left it to the last minute!

Emily Wood's painting currently exhibited in the Art SchoolWednesday 16th January
Wednesday, like Tuesday is another good day for me. Double History of Art was first, in which one of the boys questioned Mr Gabbitas as to why I’d been picked to write “a week in the life” and commented it was a good job there was spell check – rude.

At 4 we had Art, to which I took not only my sketch book with me, but a huge tin of biscuits for both me and everyone else! After having made our printing plates last week, today we were printing! Turning the wheel for the press I realised Mr Gabbitas had made it look far too easy – of course I couldn’t manage to turn it myself and had to get help! By the end of the lesson I’d managed to produce 3 prints, of course I’d had a biscuit break in between finishing each one.
Thursday 17th January
Alarm set for 7.00am. It was chapel this morning; meaning I had to be ready for 8.20. Walking to breakfast even earlier then usual always feels unnatural – getting there to find Danish pastries though, I knew it would be a good day!

The morning lessons began with double Business, where we made paper aeroplanes for half the lesson to show the importance in the production and quality of a product – yes! This day actually was turning out well.

For most people in L6 their afternoons are spent doing different activities however, being an art student, my afternoon was spent in the art building. Today I did some work in my sketch book, showing how I’d made my etchings and sticking in my best print and the plate itself. Of course in between this there was a trip to Grot (our school shop) where surprisingly I only got a hot chocolate and a chocolate bar; usually I end up buying nearly everything in there!

Friday 18th January
SNOW!!!!!!! After lunch fives was cancelled. So we decided to venture outside and into the snow. Ten girls took on the boys with snowballs. It was honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Coming back into house and drinking hot chocolate certainly warmed me up. I loved  History of Art today. With Mr Reid we learnt about paintings made in the French Revolution, and with Mr Gabbitas paintings produced by Hogarth.

After a day which turned out to be more tiring then I’d anticipated, bed was actually very welcoming.

Saturday 19th January
Mum phoned me to tell me the bad news that my goat, Charlie, had keeled over and died! Poor Charlie. This afternoon Matron agreed to drive us to ‘es and bargin’ as she called it, to cheer us up and to get some extra accessories for our costumes for the 70s and 80s themed house dance tonight. After returning back to house we quickly got ready – of course when I say quickly it took about 2 hours! Ready in our neon outfits we walked to Rigg's for the dance, it was a very good night! We returned back to MSH where Ms Peak had made us all nachos which were very much appreciated by all.

Sunday 20th January
After last night the last thing any one really wanted to do was go to chapel for the 10 o’clock service! However the service passed quickly, and after we all headed down to KH for the much needed brunch.

The rest of the day was spent on catching up on Topschools, and a trip to Art to get on with some of my coursework. One of the best things about the Art facilities is not only the high level of teaching, which is a drastic change from my previous schools, but also that the Art Building is open pretty much all the time, so you can always go in. Of course, another bonus is that Grot is nearby, so once again an essential trip took place.

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