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A Week in the Life of George Fowler (LVI SH)

Wednesday 3 October 2012

As it is for every student, I will write about ‘This' week in my life, as I have found every week at Shrewsbury to be different. I now begin my fourth year here, although so far, in places, it could be my first. The introduction to sixth form is indeed a step up, but one I have been looking forward to since I began revising for GCSEs. I start with Tuesday, September 25th:

George at Tuesday's Careers lectureDouble English, French, History, Music Performance. My free periods before lunch were spent discussing plans for my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) with my supervisor, Mrs. Kirk. That evening, I attended a careers talk given by a lecturer from Lancaster, about reading English at university. It was informative and animated and after he had spoken I asked him whether he thought that the written word was mankind’s greatest achievement, and then we were discussing what literature the children of my generation would be studying, apparently “Not Harry Potter, or 50 shades of Grey”. Talking to him, I was struck immediately by his passion for his subject and also his vast knowledge of works of all styles. I therefore found myself running back to the house and still a few minutes late for a Part-Song rehearsal that I had called. 

Wednesday saw three music lessons and an orchestra rehearsal. After lessons had finished, I learned my lines [for the 2012 School Play ‘The Arsonist’] in the lunch queue before swim squad training at 3:00pm. Whilst a half day, Wednesday has always been my busiest of the week. The fact that there are fewer lessons means that I can fill the time with other things: usually time spent in the theatre or the music department, until a Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal at 7:00pm for a couple of hours. Wednesday is always a late one, but also the day where I think I’m getting the most out of the extra-curriculum activities that Shrewsbury offers me. 

I also spent the first part of my Thursday afternoon in the Music Department, at a lecture given by Mike Hurst, a successful modern music producer. It was fascinating to hear his anecdotes, featuring some big names. But what I found more entertaining were his ardent opinions and furious rants about what has ‘destroyed music for your generation’, notably ‘One Direction’. He is experienced and extremely knowledgeable, and it was clear that he spoke of matters close to his heart. I didn’t catch him afterwards, as he was in a rush to meet up with the ‘Beach Boys’, and I had a play rehearsal to get to. The senior play this year is a Des Hann production of ‘The Arsonists’. Rehearsals are going well; we are all deep in the ‘line-learning’ stage.

Coach-Weekend: Well-advised, well deserved, well spent… and then back to school on Monday morning for an assembly about the Medic-Malawi Expedition. I made many friends while we were out there, not only at the orphanage but also in the group we went with. Shrewsbury is such a colossal school that I had never met many of the people that I was going with. It was funny to see our photographs on the big projector in front of the whole school. It seemed quite surreal to relive those memories, and although the assembly was spirited and informative, I think you really have to have been there, or indeed sign up for 2014, in order to really experience the adventure.

My week was not dampened by the volatile weather conditions, most probably because I had not had a second to ponder them. I find life at Shrewsbury to be wonderfully relentless, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, so if you’ll excuse me…

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