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A Week in the Life of Harry Lane Fox (Rt 4)

Monday 24 September 2012

Harry is the fourth - and final - Lane Fox brother at Ridgemount; we knew that his week would include an account of his journey home to act as a waiter for a reception that we held for a number of prospective parents and prep school heads in Yorkshire, but his winning of the J15 William's Sculls on Saturday infront of a record crowd (and an Olympic medallist) who had just attended the formal opening of our new Boathouse was a bonus.

My name is Harry Lane Fox and I am a Fourth Form pupil in Ridgemount.  Welcome to a week in my life.

Harry with his William's Sculls trophyWednesday morning made for an interesting start to my week in question.  I was woken by our Sixth Form monitor in Ridgemount who made sure that everyone in our room and indeed our corridor made it to breakfast.  I then attended chapel where Reverend Dobbie showed us a picture of Napoleon which he felt made Napoleon look ridiculous.  I had five normal lessons in the morning but was really looking forward to my rowing session at 2pm in the afternoon.  The session was great fun if not exhausting as we rowed up stream in two 8’s and raced each other with our coach Mr Manser.  We worked on basic technique and we are looking at improving techniques in 4’s in the coming days.  There is a great atmosphere at the boathouse at the moment, tougher training regimes yet still an excellent team atmosphere and lots of boats afloat on the water. 

On Thursday I had double History with Mr Clarke, which is my favourite lesson.  We looked at The Treaty of Versailles and how it had been too harsh on the Germans.  This was followed by Maths with Miss Burge which I also enjoyed and then Physics with Mr Balcombe who told us some very interesting stories!  On Thursday afternoon instead of my normal activity of basic year I boarded a coach with some fellow Ridgemount boys and Emma Darwin girls and a string quartet and a number of housemasters and school staff and we headed off up north to a place called Bramham Park for a parents’ reception.  This was particularly poignant for me as Bramham is my family home.  It felt slightly strange travelling on a coach for three hours to then act as a waiter for people I had never met before in my own home and then travel back and go to bed back at school.  It was nevertheless an excellent occasion and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to go home and catch up with my parents , my dog and my xbox albeit for a short space of time.  I enjoyed catching up with my older brothers Freddie and George and my sister Sophie, who was getting very excited about her 21st birthday at the weekend.  It was a good occasion and I think people enjoyed it.  I certainly felt very proud to be able to help host the event.  It would have been nice however to have stayed the night in my own comfy bed!

On Friday I was a little jaded as I went to lessons but thoroughly enjoyed them and also my rowing session in the afternoon which gave me a chance to practice for the Victoria Sabrina sculls at the weekend, which I hope I am able to do well in.

Saturday lessons went well as normal periods 1 to 5 and then I waited nervously for my sculling race to start at 4.50pm.  I was delighted to post a time of 7 minutes 25 seconds, which turned out to be the winning time by 8 seconds.  It was a huge occasion down at the boathouse with many important people down there, who had given money to the boathouse project and had assembled to see the boathouse officially opened.  For me to win my division on such a big occasion was a real thrill and it was a great way to end an incredibly busy week.

On Sunday Ridgemount Third and Fourth Form went with Churchill’s Third Form to the Great Escape Outdoor Centre near Market Drayton.  In spite of the rain this was great fun as we performed some team building exercises and then ended up with a large game of Paintball. I took great delight in peppering my opponents with pellets and it was good to see Mr Corbett pretending to be in the Marines again!   We had sausages and baked beans by the camp fire and then managed to fit in another supper at KH on our return!  I slept incredibly well on the Sunday night after the rowing and the outdoor activities with a little bit of school work thrown in!

We woke up on Monday morning to yet more rain with a forecast of rain all day today and most of tomorrow.  This meant that the river would be incredibly high by Wednesday or Thursday.  It should make for some interesting conditions for the Boat Club.

I supported Ridgemount in the Senior House Debating competition in Societies Hour and then made my way to the river for a very long session upstream in two eights.  The rain had eased off by this stage, which made for better conditions than expected.  Monday night involved a good bout of Top Schools followed by some “Family Guy” before bed!

On Tuesday, after a hearty KH breakfast, I had tutor period with Mr Cooley which turned into a heated debate about  the probability of picking the winner of the Grand National.  Safe to say that Mr Cooley won in the end!
7 enjoyable lessons followed before the dreaded ergo session at the Boathouse.  We had to do 2 x 2 kilometre sessions as fast as we could.  I was pleased to beat my personal best and get the lowest average in the squad.  An early night tonight as I need my beauty sleep before the Boat Club assembly tomorrow lunchtime where I will collect my trophy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my week.  As you may have guessed, rowing is a big part of my life!  The new facilities and the new regime have already made a big impact on me and I have thoroughly enjoyed the sport since day one in the 3rd form.  I would love to row for Great Britain one day and I was inspired by the Olympics this summer.   I am conscious of not letting my school work slip behind and this allows me to enjoy my rowing even more.  I enjoy being in Ridgemount, where there are some fun characters in my year group and a lively and positive atmosphere most of the time.

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