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A Week in the Life of Matthew Barnett (SH UVI)

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Matthew was asked to write his 'Week in the Life' that covered last Saturday's Charity Fashion Show in Quod. Matt did some freelance modelling over the summer holidays, and is heading out to Paris and Milan for their fashion weeks in January, and to Tokyo for two months in the summer.  He also took part in the 2010 Quod Fashion Show.

Matthew Barnett in school dressMonday: It’s the first day back at school and I’m really tired! Thankfully I have no overhanging work, so I can use this day for relaxing. After evening lessons I’ve organised a meeting to get all of the models fitted in order for us to send the sizes to the designers who are giving us clothes for the fashion show. After tea I finalised my Personal Statement for my tutor, Doctor Gee, to go over.

Tuesday: Tuesday’s one of my favourite days of the week as I have hockey in the afternoon. After three morning lessons I go to Quod for a sausage roll and of course, to see my friends. After lunch I have a music lesson with my teacher, Mrs Curtis. We go through my grade seven pieces and it’s clear that I need to practise a bit more. It’s now time for hockey (thanks to Winter timetable) so I get changed and head down to the Astro. After a gruelling training session, I have a shower and prepare for an English lesson with Mr Fanning. At period seven I have a ‘free’ which I spend contacting the designers and finalising outfits. Then it’s to tea and finally Topschools.

Wednesday: After a large breakfast in KH I return to Scally and get ready for lessons. After lunch I get practising my Saxaphone. In the afternoon, the weather is pretty bad so I decide to get on with some work. Wading through some critical information for English is on this afternoon’s agenda.

Thursday: Thursday afternoon is my catch up afternoon for any work that has been hanging over me. I used this afternoon to write one of my English essays. The evening was filled with a session where I taught the other models how to ‘walk’ and the logistics of how we’re going to walk for Saturday night.

Friday: It’s Friday and therefore one day away from the Fashion show. After an afternoon of picking up the designers' clothes, we have a full on dress and technical rehearsal that went on from 7 30pm until 10pm. After a few adjustments and pieces of advice it’s time to get some sleep before tomorrow night.

Matthew Barnett in a leather jacket designed by Hamish McAllisterSaturday: The day is finally here after all the work we put in! Morning lessons consisted of English, History and Photography which were all great bar the fact that I was constantly worrying about last little details to add to the show! My Mum arrived at 2.30pm in good time for the final run through of the show. She went through her notes and speeches with Isabella Barber, her co-hostess, before we plunged into the rehearsal. It all went swimmingly and after, we had a brief break before hair and make-up. When my boys arrived, the girls were halfway through so they were seated and styled accordingly. This gave my Mum some time to catch up with me about home and generally Mummy me a bit! After hair and make-up the models made their way over to Quod and went straight backstage to get dressed for their first shop. After a brief pep talk, all the audience were assembled and seated by the various members of staff helping out. The models got into order and the music started playing. Holly Free did a great job of opening the show in her first outfit from Templeton Jones. After all the boys had walked, there was a great rush to get into our second outfits from McAllister Designs. A mixture of a rock, retro and punk clothing which teed up Marylin Manson’s Tainted Love. The girls then showed what they had in their dresses from KoKo; a shop from Shrewsbury. The Finale was well executed in various clothes from Sweet Verona (Girls) and Wade-Smith Designs (Boys). The final speech was well executed by the hostesses just before the models exited the stage. Then it was time for handshakes, hugs and congratulations from various members of the audience. This included a very thorough handshake from Mr Bell who mentioned how proud he was to have five out of the six male models from School House (no bias in my decisions, I promise...). The show went really well and I was certainly glad there were no logistical or technical faults in the execution. Thanks go to all of the committee and to Mrs Wilson, whose hard work and rigour proved to be a great investment.

Sunday: It’s Sunday and I am so tired! I had to get up at 9 30am to Skype call a client in Milan – this really goes to show that there really isn’t any ‘rest for the wicked’! Sunday was a day of relaxation after the constant onslaught of work for the Fashion Show. Evening Chapel was a delight that ended a pretty thorough week.

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