Shrewsbury School

A Week in the Life of the new Third Form

Thursday 12 September 2013

Many thanks to Thomas Brennan of Ingram's and to Angus Moore, Sebastian Ingram and Oliver Hodges of Severn Hill for writing about their first week at Shrewsbury.

Severn Hill Third Form, September 2013

Severn Hill Third Form at the New Boys' Race - one week into the new term
Back row: James Crewdson, Sebastian Ingram, Robert Ford, Oliver Hodges, Dominic Ainslie, Tom Brunskill
Front row: Johnnie Peel, Cameron Anwyl, Charlie Naylor, Angus Moore

Sunday 1st September
Angus Moore (S): Having been to Shrewsbury the previous day to drop off my older brother, it was my turn to unpack my bags. The Sixth Formers’ heads peered out of the windows on the upper floor, awaiting the arrival of the newcomers, and having been examined thoroughly, I strode through the door and into the entrance hall. I knew where my room was, and having reserved the better bed the previous day, I began to unpack the bags. My roommate Ben Higgins and his friend James Parsonage helped me to settle in well. Soon, however, we were sent downstairs to awkwardly mingle with the other new pupils, and within a few minutes we had to say goodbye to our parents and were whisked off to be talked to by the headmaster. After this we walked to KH, and having been bamboozled by the complexity of the cafeteria, we ended up in the dining room. Soon the day ended and, being tired, we fell asleep immediately.

Monday 2nd September
Thomas Brennan (I): First day of lessons. After a whole school assembly we were taken to our first lesson at Shrewsbury - Maths. Introductions by our teachers followed and we moved from lesson to lesson, stopping for a brief visit to our houses around eleven. After break there were more lessons, followed by lunch. On Monday there is Societies Hour and on this occasion we were introduced to the Director of Music, who encouraged us all to try an instrument. Afternoon lessons came and went and we were soon ready for sport. This particular afternoon we played a practice in-house match ready for B-Leagues, the inter-house football leagues. Eventually it was time to return to house and do our homework before another meeting with the Housemaster and afterwards, after a long tiring day, to bed.

Tuesday 3rd September
Angus Moore (S): At 8.35am we had our first Tutor period and we talked about Top Schools, sports and lessons. After lessons, we had our first inter-house match, where we beat Rigg’s 11-1 after having an introduction to Fives in the Fives courts. We had our rowing swimming test in the evening, where we had to swim in our games kit, which was more challenging that it first seemed.

Oliver Hodges (S): Eventually, after finishing our Top Schools (something we learnt about very quickly) we went downstairs for Dix - Shrewsbury slang for a house meeting – and returned back to our dorms before bed. By now the routine of the School had started to settle in and after two days everything started to feel more familiar, and my legs had started to adjust to the long walks - especially to the Kennedy Building from Severn Hill, which is an absolute trek!

Wednesday 4th September
Sebastian Ingram (S): We were woken up at 7.10am and were taken to breakfast, getting to know the route. Lessons started at 9.00am and we all had a mixture of lessons. I had Physics. It was the first time, so I was anxious. After we’d had lunch, we were led to the Fives courts. We were looking forward to giving the sport a go. It appeared we weren’t very good, but it was great fun, even though it hurt our hands a little.

Thursday 5th September
Sebastian Ingram (S): After a hard morning of work, we were relieved that we had no lessons and excited as we were doing one of the School’s main sports – rowing. First we had to do the ergos and then we got in the boat. We weren’t the best at keeping in time and we didn’t know what the cox was saying but we did manage to get going. Afterwards we arrived at KH for a warm supper.

Severn Hill Third Form - first time on the river

Severn Hill Third Form on the river for the first time

Friday 6th September
Angus Moore: Normal lessons continued during the week and we had several sporting events, such as introductions to cricket and rowing, as well as football trials where we played Moser’s in a competitive match in front of the A team’s coaches. We eventually ran out winners. We were being set relatively light Top Schools, and part Song auditions for the House took place, and rehearsals began soon afterwards.

Saturday 7th September
Sebastian Ingram: The New Boys’ Race. You could tell that there was an amount of competitive spirit in the air as we heard the noise signalling the start of the race. It was gruelling and felt like forever, but we were soon finished and greeted with a nice Mars bar at the finishing line.

Ingram's Third Formers recovering after the New Boys' Race 2013

Ingram's Third Formers catching their breath after the New Boys' Race
Back row: Damian Kam, Jon-Pierre Hamilton, Gen Songthammakul
Front row:  Monty Hardcastle, Bertie Speed, Ed Stapleton, Thomas Brennan

Thomas Brennan: In the evening we all went to Quod to participate in the entire year quiz, featuring lots of general knowledge questions for the masses. Pizza was delivered and devoured hungrily. All too soon the evening was over and it was time to return to bed.

Sunday 8th September
Oliver Hodges: As the weekend approached, the prospect of paintballing lifted our tired bodies. Spirits were high as we arrived at ‘The Great Escape’. Here we conquered many difficult and team-building activities until the moment came for the paint-balling. After donning our suits and masks we set out, with nerves and adrenaline spreading like a disease. Finally it started, and at that moment chaos prevailed and Mr Cooley used his agility to cause havoc among the arena, along with Dom using his previous experience to his advantage. However, the fun had to come to an end, and we all returned to the House feeling tired yet content after our first week. (A brief account of the afternoon and some photos may be found on the Great Escape from Shrewsbury School page.)

Thomas Brennan: Today was a bonding experience for the boys and after a wonderful service in St Mary’s Church, an occasion that takes place once a year, we headed out for Sunday lunch and our afternoon trips. For my particular house, the activity was go-karting. After waiting for the rain to clear, we took to the track. It was very difficult due to the conditions and there were many spin-offs. After an exciting afternoon we returned to School and reflected back to the previous Sunday, already seeming such a long time ago. Reflecting back on my first week, I can really appreciate what I have been able to do here that I couldn’t have done anywhere else. Already this place has become part of me and I could not imagine being anywhere else.

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